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ADHD for Smart Ass Women with Tracy Otsuka

May 15, 2019

In this episode, Tracy shares a quick method for discovering your character strengths.

Learn why it’s so important for those with an ADHD brain to focus on what we’re interested in and how we can internally motivate ourselves.

Tracy talks about the VIA Character Strengths Test and how it can help us determine if...

May 8, 2019

In this podcast, Tracy talks about ADHD and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria or RSD. Because Tracy doesn’t struggle with RSD she wasn’t that interested in learning about it but once she realized it was the number one requested topic among the women in her Facebook group, she started doing her research.

Discover why...

May 1, 2019

In this podcast, Tracy talks about the 10 things she wishes every teacher knew about their ADHD students.

She decided to do a podcast on this subject because she noticed that many women in her Facebook group ADHD for Smart Ass Women really struggled in school and are still struggling in school despite the fact that...

Apr 24, 2019

In this podcast Tracy talks about the ten things that she wishes she would have been told when she was initially diagnosed with ADHD.

When she was first diagnosed Tracy went into hyperfocus mode and researched everything she could about ADHD, especially ADHD as it related to women. She had spent the previous 8 months...

Apr 17, 2019

Tracy talks about ADHD and intuition in this podcast. She starts by sharing an experience that happened to her in college that made her start to really trust her intuition.

She shares how and why her intuition has gotten her into trouble and what she does differently today.

Learn what Dr. Lara Honos Webb said that...